At Moonlighting we would be Over the Moon to help you find your ideal property!

Having possessed a passion for property for many years, we are keen to help make your property dreams come true.

A Buyer’s Agent specialises in searching out, locating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of a buyer. More and more consumers are enlisting the services of buyer’s agents to help them find and purchase their dream home or investment property.

Where a real estate agent primarily represents the seller of a property, a Buyer’s Agent looks after you, the buyer.


Julie would love to help you find that perfect property that meets your needs, which will save you countless hours, short listing efforts and stress.

Your weekends are freed up, and you only need to attend inspections that have a great chance of ticking all your boxes.


Styling your Property for Sale

At Moonlighting we are experienced at identifying who the buyers for your property are and then styling the property to resonate with the target market.

Property Styling Projects range in scope from styling a completely empty property all the way through to simply adding fresh linen and artwork to an existing furnished property to lift its appeal. In all cases the end result evokes feelings of aspiration in the buyer to deliver a quick and attractive sale.

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